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In an area which has become infamous for its “McMansions” we have set out to make people think “outside the box” to which they had become accustomed. We have intentionally blended an eclectic mix of construction methods, material, colour, texture and scale to make people question the traditional methods of construction, planning and way of life.

Our design bases the traditional kitchen as the centre of the living environment and this space or element is in lieu of the “great divide” between formal and informal areas. It is totally open and interactive with all areas having visual and physical access to its modern layout, equipment, inclusions and materials. Untraditionally, the kitchen is very much part of the external living areas as well with the pool and outdoor areas almost brought inside to their fullest effect.

“Contemporary” residential design is often seen as a cold living environment, however, the use of natural materials and warm colours overcomes this myth and unites modern technology and traditional ambience.

The three dimensional interaction is often overlooked in design. We have concentrated on preserving what was achieved in planning of the day zones with the interaction of transitional areas designed for multi use and access on the upper level.

The materials and details of this design are determined by the living environment concept, special function zones and orientation of the rooms. As previously outlined, our methodology was to create an eclectic solution to inspire thought and reassessment of traditional suburban design. The living areas are free of physical intrusion brought about by traditional construction methods and therefore the use of steel structure, lightweight panelling and glass walls has created an environment for a relaxed contemporary lifestyle. The outlook onto natural materials and integrated landscaping creates the warmth and security.

Segregation of the “lifestyle intrusive” zones such as bathrooms, laundries and garages has been achieved by planning these to the west and using traditional “mass” construction and detailing for noise and heat insulation and visual exclusion.

Use of passive solar design principles is paramount in our solution. Although the orientation of the site is not condusive to most of these principles, the use of extensive overhangs, physical mass, heat absorbing flooring, cooling water surfaces and cross ventilation offer responses to the solution. These are supported by modern technology and the use of energy efficient glass and retractable shading systems to protect the interiors and allow us to offer the benefits of an otherwise better orientation into the living areas.

Wherever possible, traditional trades and materials have been utilised with careful detailing and planning to achieve our aim. This has helped us to introduce an otherwise expensive appearance and solution as the next feasible design alternative to an industry which has a history built on a foundation of budget, conformity and uniformity. The overall effect and affect on the local area has been very encouraging achieving an incredible support at both consumer and peer levels as well as winning the local council award for "Innovative Design Concept".

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